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TV Timecard makes it quick and easy for below-the-line crew members to keep track of your call time, meal breaks and wrap time...nothing else. This is a simple, clutter-free app that has just one purpose: write down your times on your timecard. Simply keep track of your times on one tab and view the full week at a glance to write directly on your timecard. Leave the calculations for the accountants!

Features Include:
  • Uses industry-standard labor policies to advance to meals automatically
  • View your full work week on one screen
  • One-touch travel days
  • Keep daily notes for a unique day (extra gear rental, etc.)
  • Support for multi-users via in-app purchase (e.g. allows an AC to keep track of the DP's times)
  • Send weekly times as text via e-mail or Message
  • Export to iBooks or send to any other app that supports PDFs
  • Export or e-mail a PDF of any given week
  • Super easy backup and restore data via Dropbox
If you are looking to keep track of your day rates and perform different pay-based calculations, look for something else more complicated. TV Timecard is the most effective and efficient solution for transposing your times onto a paper timecard.

Questions? View the TV Timecard Help Desk

TV Timecard available on the App Store